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Copyright 2010 Voice Alive Nanaimo - Vocal and Singing Lessons
"Christine is an excellent voice coach, very knowledgeable, supportive and always offering encouragement when needed, and to top it all she has a wicked sense of humour!!!" 
~ Richard B.

"As a fledgling vocalist, Christine encouraged my upper range to heights that were beyond my expectations, and my breathing improved dramatically.  I appreciated the opportunities to learn to prepare for a performance and then to actually sing on stage.  The workshops were invaluable.  My career continues to take me on many journeys since, but the solid set of skills learned under Christine’s tutelage is never far away.  Thank you, Christine, for the laughter and the love!" 
~  Heather H.

"Christine is a compassionate and loving teacher. She has helped me find my voice in more ways than one. Thank you for helping me find my Power." 
~ Andrea G.

“To me the idea of singing in front of someone can be intimidating, but Christine provided a safe and fun environment to learn. She challenged me to sing with an awareness of my whole body. I have learned proper singing techniques and have gained confidence. I couldn't have asked for a better introduction into the world of singing." 
~   Kirsten B.

"Christine has the gift of affirming, rejuvenating, enlightening and inspiring her students. I would often arrive tired and drained at the end of a workday, and soon my lesson would free my tension and lift me out of the strain of the day.  Christine's warmth and acceptance, and her ability to create images bring out the best in her students." 
~ Margaret H.  (elementary music teacher)

"My vocal odyssey with Christine was a remarkable journey of discovery.  At mid-life, I was a non-musician on a quest to find my Voice and to conquer my life-long performance anxiety.  Each lesson began with stretching, yoga, and breathing as a prelude to vocal exploration and expression, through improv, as well as classical technique.  As a musical virgin, I appreciated Christine’s ability to engage, inform, and guide me through the intricate complexities of my own vocal instrument.  With time and practice, my pitch and tone improved, my range increased, and so did my sense of confidence. 

Much more than singing lessons, and the joy of learning to read and sing many new songs, our journey was music therapy at its finest.  I was stretched, challenged, encouraged to explore, to dig a little further, breathe deeper, reach higher, open wider, express my authentic self.  Our work together was a time of enchantment, and made a lasting impact on my professional work as a group facilitator and instructor.  It inspired me to empower other silent secret singers to liberate their voices and nourish their souls.  Thank you, Christine, for sharing your artistry and wisdom, and midwifing the birth of another new singer."  
~ Sharon H.

I love studying with Christine because my voice and musical ability would not be as strong as they are without her coaching.  I couldn’t ask for a better teacher.
~ Jamie J. 

At age 16, I remember walking into Christine's music studio shaking; inwardly dreading the possibility that she would turn me away because my voice was much too weak, too damaged, or simply because I lacked any real talent.  In truth, walking into that studio changed my life.  Instead of greeting 'judgement', I met a woman with a kind, warm, encouraging spirit; a person who would help me to flourish as both a singer and a young woman.

Though I had a  "pretty" voice, it was small, breathy, and held back. I was a perfectionist to the extreme and terrified of making an uncontrolled or "ugly" sound.  Christine saw this, and helped me to realize that my voice could not break free because I wasn't allowing myself to break free. Over the next two years, I was taught not only proper posture and technique, but to let go of unrealistic expectations of myself, to rejoice in the beautiful sounds and accept the ugly ones as necessary for growth, to (for once) hold my head up high, and to let my voice and my soul be what they were meant to be - 'free'.

I have let go of fear of performing, and now I have been told that I am capable of a career in opera, - my dream from the beginning!  Christine believed in me when I didn't believe in myself. Not only does she mentor, but she nurtures; she is not only my teacher, but my beloved friend.  As my voice was set free, I found myself freer as a person because music is who I am. Now when I sing, I feel uncontainable joy, not fear.  I am forever grateful. 
~ Dahliea G.

"When I met Christine, I was fourteen years old and literally a diamond in the
rough. She saw my potential and gave me the gift of music,  and for this I am
forever grateful. She has also given me the confidence and tools to pursue a
career in music.  It has been twelve years since I met Christine and since
then she has grown to be a confidant and friend. Her love and passion for
music is enormous and she brings a warm, energetic presence to each
lesson. I cannot think of a better teacher or person!"

~ Former Parksville student, Lindsey Fraser, now completing
her Master's Degree in Opera Performance at the Manhattan
School of Music in New York.